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Understanding of Positive Intelligence (PQ) can help us move from Self-Sabotage to Self-Mastery

We are living in extremely challenging, uncertain and fast-changing times.

Irrespective of where we live in the world, the demands that life & work are putting on us are leading to most of us experiencing unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety & emotional exhaustion. 

Whether it is due to the war in Ukraine, crisis around the rising cost of living, looming recession, debates around dubious laws, gun violence, job losses/layoffs or just the relentless barrage of grim news we consume on media, we are experiencing mental & emotional upheaval today, like we have never seen before.

Data suggests that the after-effects of the Covid pandemic and the uncertainties in our workplaces and our lives are causing debilitating mental & emotional health consequences :

A global study by Qualtrics threw up the following distressing statistics  :

  • 42% of people have experienced a decline in mental health
  • 67% of people are experiencing increases in stress 
  • 57% have increased anxiety
  • 54% are emotionally exhausted
  • 50% are irritable and have frequent trouble with relationship conflicts

Psychological research shows that if these signs of stress & mental health decline are not addressed in early stages, individuals risk facing burnout, which is a psychological state where an individual already has exhausted their psychological resources to recover from the mental challenges they face. 

The human mind is not hardwired for so much uncertainty & stress. We therefore often find our mind sabotaging our success & happiness. Automatic, unproductive mental patterns (called as “Saboteurs” in the Positive Intelligence Framework) are responsible for most of the stress & anxiety we experience. 

Positive Intelligence (PQ) is a powerful framework, rooted in Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Behavioral Science & Performance Science, that helps us understand the roots of automatic mental patterns (Self-sabotaging mental patterns) that cause most of our stress & anxiety. 

Using the power of Positive Intelligence for Mind-Training,  we can become aware of deep-seated subconscious mental patterns that come in the way of us finding sustainable peace, happiness & success. 

Building Positive Intelligence thus helps us in re-wiring the mind, to build our mental & emotional fitness sustainably, so that we can face challenges in life and work with a positive rather than negative mindset. 

If this piques your interest, & you would like to learn more about your own Self-Sabotaging mental patterns, take the Free Positive Intelligence Self-Assessment Test to understand how you are self-sabotaging. 


Write to me with your Test report (which you will get on your email once you complete your test)  to get a free consultation of how you can train your mind to to move from self-sabotage to self-mastery, which is critical for sustainable happiness in life and peak performance at work.


Our 10-week Mind-Training Program, that combines powerful insights from Positive Intelligence, Neuroscience & Positive Psychology, is designed to help leaders and professionals beat negative emotions and the accompanying stress, anxiety, limiting beliefs or self-doubt, thereby empowering them to build a fearless, calm & positive mindset.

I assist leaders & professionals with Mind-Training tools to overcome the inner interferences that come in the way of their peak performance, well-being & happiness.

If you would like to have a 1-1 conversation with me on this topic, feel free to setup a Free Zoom coffee conversation using the following link :


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