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The Alpha Group International – Helping SMEs Grow

We are living in times of enormous change, where consumer behavior as well as businesses are constantly changing.

Whole businesses or industries are collapsing and new ones are taking shape.

For SMEs & entrepreneurs, this VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Changing & Ambiguous) landscape means that they have to :

  • Be Agile – learn to be highly adaptive in highly dynamic & increasingly complex business environments
  • Cultivate a Growth Mindset (in themselves & their teams) : So that they  constantly sense & understanding what skills are required to grow & then focus on developing those new skills needed to grow & to dominate the market
  • Revisit & sharpen their strategy to give the business the growth advantage

The Alpha Group International provides SMEs & Entrepreneurs with the right platform to help them navigate this enormous change, with all of the above

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great”
- Les Brown

What is the Alpha Group :

The Alpha Group is a collaborative, Peer-to-Peer Executive Advisory Board that enables business growth by leveraging the power of collective thinking & by bringing together different perspectives from like-minded leaders in a trusting and confidential space. 

 The Alpha Group, a global organization based out of the UK, is the world’s fastest growing Peer-to-Peer Executive Board organization.

What are we out to achieve :

Our mission & promise is to double the value of 1 million SMEs worldwide, help create millions of new jobs and thereby to change the world & the lives of millions of people employed by these SMEs

How do we achieve this mission :

  • The Alpha Group Executive Board provides an exclusively structured and confidential environment  for members – Founders,CEO’s or Managing Directors of SMEs
  • Board members work together once a month in a peer-to-peer environment to review their business strategies & to work on setting up their strategy for Fast Growth
  • Members are taken through a combination of Strategy Workshops & Mastermind Sessions that are proven to work & that are perfected by the Alpha Group over the past 10 years in more than 25 countries

If you are a Business Owner thinking over how you can grow your business through these challenging times , have a look at video & follow the link below to my Alpha Group Web-Page for more details.

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