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Positive Intelligence (PQ) is the best measure of Mental Fitness.

It is defined as the capacity of an individual to deal with life’s challenges with a positive rather than negative mindset.

Research using Factor Analysis conducted at Stanford has demonstrated that PQ the best predictor of how happy we are and how well we perform relative to our potential PQ is a synthesis of recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science.

Independent researchers’ data validate the many benefits of higher PQ. Based on data from 275,000 people, increased PQ leads to higher salary and greater success in the arenas of work, marriage, health, sociability, friendship, and creativity.

Performance :

Sales improved 37 %.
Project teams performed 31 % better on Key KPIs.
Students performed significantly better on math tests.
Comparison of sixty teams showed that a team’s PQ was the greatest predictor of its achievement.

Wellness :

Employees took fewer sick days.
Employees less likely to report burn out or to quit.
Significantly improved health parameters – Enhanced immune system functioning, lower levels of stress-related hormones, lower blood pressure, less pain, fewer colds, better sleep, and a lowered risk of hypertension, diabetes or strokes.

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great”
- Les Brown

What will you learn :

With Positive Intelligence & Understanding of How to Build Mental Fitness, you
can learn :


How to develop the ability to Intercept Saboteur Thought Patterns & Negative Emotional Spiral : Saboteurs thought patterns generate all negative emotions. With Positive Intelligence, you can develop the required Mental Ability & Fitness to to intercept the Saboteurs thought patterns in the moment.

How to build Sage Muscle & Positive Thought Patterns : Your Sage is the one in you that handles challenges with a clear and calm mind, and positive emotions. It also has access to your 5 primary powers Positive Intelligence (PQ). With Positive Intelligence Coaching, you learn how to boost all 5 powers.

How to build the Muscle to shift from Negative to Positive Emotions in the moment : The reason why most of conventional training doesn’t lead to sustainable change is because they do not teach us on how to build self-command over our own minds. You would choose to not stress out over what you can’t control.

Learn about PQ Rep Technique : These are innovative 10-second exercises which build up our crucial Self-Command muscle in the brain. With this, you can learn to master your mind, rather than allow your Saboteurhijacked mind to master you.

Who this is for

Positive Intelligence (PQ) concepts are important to learn for all those who are :

Executives & Individuals

Looking for a science-based and practical framework

Committed to improving their performance and effectiveness

Willing to put in the initial effort

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