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Building Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

Become more interculturally effective in the Global Village


“Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the capacity of an individual to function effectively in situations characterized by Cultural Diversity” – Ang & Van Dyne

CQ is becoming increasingly critical in today’s globally connected world : 

Is skilled & flexible
Is curious to learn more
Is able to reshape her/his own mindsets
Is constantly improving his skills

Globalization, Remote Work & Migration are fast transforming the world into a “Global Village, where interaction, communication & engagement with individuals & teams of different cultures is becoming an essential part of what we do in many work-places. Being culturally intelligent is a key future-focused capability for today’s business leaders & executives.

Understanding & applying concepts of cultural intelligence (CQ), is important in today’s globally connected context, to effectively manage and lead teams or even to effectively interact & engage with culturally diverse stakeholders.

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great”
- Les Brown

What will you learn :

CQ is becoming increasingly critical in today’s globally connected world :

Understanding the Components & Elements of CQ.
Discussing related concepts of Diversity & Cultural Affinity.
Using the “Intercultural Development Continuum Framework” to bridge “Cross-Cultural Differences
Cultural Maintenance vs Cultural Participation from a societal context.
Understanding Intercultural strategies – Using Positive Intelligence Principles to build Intercultural Sensitivity
Applying Hofstede’s Model of Cultural Dimensions.
The Intercultural Development Continuum Framework.
Capabilities required to be built to improve CQ in leaders.
Understanding how CQ can be applied to evaluating a different cultural environment.

Who this is for

Leaders in Multicultural Global Organisations
Leaders need to have high CQ to effectively understand, motivate and lead other culturally diverse team-members in workplaces.

Leaders & Individuals having to interact frequently with Cross-cultural Clients, Stakeholders, Colleagues & Peers
CQ helps indivdiuals in empathizing better with individuals from other culturally and to strategically choose better , Culturally Intelligent responses in their communication, for better engagement, relationships & results.

Individuals looking to migrate or engaged in multi-location/remote working jobs, Individuals needing to live & work in a foreign destination
Developing higher CQ can help an individual better assimilate or integrate in the society in their place of residence, leading to better learning, growth, socialization, relationships and personal development opportunities.

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