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In the 21st century VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Changing, Ambiguous) world, which we live in today, you may be increasingly feeling overwhelmed & operating from a space of fear and anxiety. This is not surprising considering that the world around us is changing today at an unprecedented pace and in unexpected ways. The capacity of most individuals & businesses, at the same time to deal with that change effectively is not changing at the same pace

In the Life Coaching practice, using a combination of various techniques of Coaching, Positive Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience & Deep Discovery, we empower individuals in becoming more self-aware and in experiencing significant improvement in their quality-of-life, through Mindfulness building & Higher Degree of Emotional Control.

With this deeper level of awareness and ability to then break their self-limiting fears & beliefs, clients are able to more clearly see opportunities ahead of them, and are able to move ahead boldly towards their Life-goals

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great”
- Les Brown

What can you expect

In addition to the traditional Coaching techniques, we use several New-Age psychological concepts & techniques in our Life-Coaching, to help clients realize their goals, including :

Positive Intelligence & Positive Psychology : Using Positive Intelligence & Mental Fitness Concepts, the client is able to get a framework to recognize their automatic negative thought/emotional patterns and develop the capacity to move from Negative to Positive Emotions in real time

Positive Intelligence Psychology

Using Positive Intelligence, the client is able to get a framework to recognize their automatic thought patterns

Basics of Neuroscience

Understanding of basic Neuroscience, as it applies in behaviors & thought patterns, makes it easier and logical to understand, why do we think & behave the way we do


Understanding the basics of Neuroplasticity & Techniques like Mental Rehearsal to make sustainable change in life

Deep Discovery

We deep-dive into the client’s past life and help the client discover deep-seated Thought Patterns & Self-Limiting beliefs, which form the basis of Automatic Thoughts.

What will you learn

During our Life-Coaching sessions, clients find powerful realizations and often transformative experiences through :

Learning Positive Intelligence frameworks & techniques, which are crucial to Re-Wiring the Brain

Re-writing New Beliefs/ Narratives on top of them

Erasing old Beliefs/Narratives (that are no longer serving you) , and

Learning Simple Meditation & Mindfulness building techniques that help in building Mental Fitness

The reason why our methodology of Coaching is transformative is that it addresses the Root Cause of the behaviors that we are trying to change (instead of only looking at the Symptoms).

Also, the mental muscle building (using specific, simple & practical Meditation & Mindfulness techniques), based on the latest principles of Positive Intelligence, is a crucial part of what clients learn. These techniques help clients in building their Mental Fitness and provide for sustainable behavioral & thought pattern change. The techniques, if followed with discipline, ensure that they do not go back to previous thought patterns after a few weeks/months (as is often seen with traditional Training/Coaching)

“Day By Day, What You Choose, What You Think And What You Do Is What You Become”
- Heraclitus


Who this is for

The concepts and Operating systems used in our Coaching can be used to build a holistic, meaningful and inspiring life, and are useful to help you achieve your goals in any of the 10 areas of life.

This is because the Positive Intelligence and other frameworks which are used in our Coaching exercises, are at the root of all our challenges and can be used to achieve our goals in every area of life. This is the reason why using our Coaching Concepts can help you 10X your personal impact and life experience in all of these areas

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